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October 30, 2001
The new Halloween Special is up on the strips page.
A couple of pieces of artwork have been donated by a fan. Very nice stuff.
Check it out on the art page.

October 20,2001
i seem to be lagging behind on this weekly update thing. think it'll have to be downgraded to bi-weekly. hopefully i can keep up with that.

brand, spanking new savatoons strip uploaded for your entertainment. complete with political satire. what more could you ask for? made a savatoons halloween special. that should be up a little before halloween. it occured to that the united states may be the only (or one of very few) countries which celebrate halloween. i could be mistaken, but anyway, it should be amusing whether halloween is a part of your culture or not.

added some more totally useless information to the new totally useless information area.

October 9, 2001
just got the notion to add something. it really doesn't have anything to do with savatage, however, i thought that if you appreciate that humor you may appreciate this humor as well. it's a concept i came up with called "Totally Useless Information". you may or may not have seen it in the links section. it has a site of its own, but i am really not sure how to promotoe it that the world might see. so i figured since this site is fairly popular and they are vaguely related on a socio-comic sense that making it a section of this site could benefit all. hope you find it amusing.

October 8, 2001
seems i lost a week. said i'd be updating on an approximate weekly basis and i thought i was until i saw the date of the last one. musta been stuck in a time warp for a week there. but now the final of the three previously unreleased strips is up for your viewing pleasure. some new savatoons are ready and waiting for their debut. others are in the works.

Sept 24, 2001
added the second of three previously unreleased toons. "Day Off" is up at the SavaToons Strips Page for your merriment. more to come soon... hopefully.

Sept 15, 2001 - Happy Birthday to Me
i turned 27 years old today. i feel so old. i have just posted the first of three unreleased toons that i discovered hiding in some dark corner of my harddrive. go to the SavaToon Strips Page to check it out. P.S. my deepest sympathies go out to all those who suffered due to the recent terrorist attacks on NY & DC.

Sept 14, 2001

i found three strips that were never released. i will try to release one a week. but try to have patience with me. there are so many websites to tend to and this one, though i love it, doesn't put any money into my bank account.

i also have some new strips in the works. just need to draw them. i am seriously contemplating drawing them by hand. getting back to the old school. and then just scanning them. in some ways it's easier and in others harder. in real life drawing there's no copy and paste. but it's still easier to draw that way. and i think there's something more genuine about it as well. that's just my opinion, but it's my website and my cartoon, so my opinion is law here. lol.

Sept 12, 2001
it's been a long, long time since the SavaToons website has been updated. when i started this thing so long ago, i was an unemployed ne'er-do-well. but since then i've gotten a career. in web design as a matter of fact if anyone is interested.

but anyway, for all you savatage fans out there who have enjoyed my little comic homage to the band i have good news. i am feeling inspired again lately and am planning some new strips. gotta get back to a reason i once knew as some great man once said. i was shocked to find out that i can still draw the cute little cartoon dudes. got a couple joke ideas. hopefully you'll see something soon. though the site probably needs updating regardless. so keep checking. you should be pleasantly surprised soon.

and thanx to all the cool savatage fans who've taken the time to check out my site and send their comments. long live savatage.


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